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Usher Raymond risks losing children’s custody to ex-wife

Author(s): Chidi Okoye

August 7, 2013

The ex-wife of American singer, Usher, Tameka Raymond has filed for custody of their two children following Monday’s pool accident, which left their five-year-old Usher V in a coma.

Tameka, filed a legal document on Tuesday, August 6 asking for an emergency hearing on the grounds that Usher is creating a “dangerous environment” for the children and “abdicating”  his parental responsibilities by letting other people care for their two children.

Usher RaymondShe is also said to be doubtful of the people Usher leaves in charge of looking after the children – Usher Jr. and four-year-old Naviyd.

Apparently, Usher’s aunt – Rena Oden – was supposed to be watching the youngster when his arm got stuck in the pool drain on Monday, which led him to be rushed to intensive care.

Usher currently has primary custody while Tameka has limited custodial rights after their split, but now she is seeking to reverse the situation.
Usher Raymond V is currently being treated in the ICU at an Atlanta, Georgia hospital after his arm got caught in the drain of a pool at the star’s home early Monday evening.

Tamara filed documents in Fulton County, Georgia, and asked for the hearing to take place later this week. Usher and Tamara divorced in November 2009.

  • Stewie Carter

    Since usher or aunt cant take good care of the children,he should allow the mother carry the responsibility…inother for the children not to have parental care or discipline

  • muhammed kabir

    i only feel tamaka is over reacting to the situation on ground, because usher seems to be a busy guy and wont always hav time for the kids thats why he put them in the care of his aunt.

  • muhammed kabir

    thats true brothes she is shying away from her responsibilities too.


    ehya..dis z wot u get in foreign marriages….divorce.

  • kunlexy

    May God spare the handsome boys life.