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Much ado about Pastors

Author(s): Shade Ladipo

August 27, 2013

Abuja based OAP, lawyer and blogger Ese Walters dropped a bomb that shocked the social media sphere (well it didn’t shock everyone).

Her affair with COZA head pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo who has been described as charismatic and charming. I have watched Pastor Biodun preach a couple of times online. While I have to agree that he’s very charming, why is there so much emphasis on Ese and less on the Pastor?

Why are we concentrating on the only person who has shown the most courage so far?

Why cant we recognise this as abuse? Even not sexual abuse but mental/psychological abuse?

Sexual abuse is not the only form of abuse and for the record, Ese Walters was abused.

Franca E who also reported the similar story has been threatened and yet we still deem it fit not to question this “Man of God”

We don’t question our leaders for ‘chopping’ our money, we don’t question our fathers for being absent in our lives, we don’t question our teachers for molesting our students, we don’t question men in power for misusing authority BUT we question the young lady who was bold enough to stand and speak.

Let us start questioning the people we think we are scared of. They are men too.

  • olowo k abeeeeee


  • olowo k abeeeeee

    may God help us

  • Lolade

    Too short Shade. Too short.

  • Chiagoziem Tobi Akalonu

    This might be a ploy to tarnish the latters image, if not don’t know what to say, both should comment on the issue let’s know what’s wrong


    Dat lady z a devil 2 blackmail a man of God in public..disgrace 2 her..

  • Lara Adeyinka

    Pastors are Human too and fallible. I read Ese Walters piece; it is the cry of a broken and jilted heart. She was badly in love with him…

  • Guest

    Abuse? What abuse? Did he hold a gun to her head? In no way do I condone what the man supposedly did, but I have to question the ESE lady’s motives. What did she think would happen after going to the media?

  • olowo k abeeeeee

    na wa for u na self

  • olowo k abeeeeeeeeeeee