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Asari Dokubo supports under-age marriage

Author(s): Tony Tamuno

July 19, 2013

Former Niger Delta militant, Asari Dokubo, has contributed to the raging debate over last Tuesday’s Senate vote that failed to amend a clause in the constitution that allows for the marriage of an under-age girl.

Reacting to criticisms that have trailed the development (link to yesterday’s story here), Dokubo launched a scathing attack on people, especially non-Muslims, that have criticised the development.

“People should learn to respect other people’s sensibilities,” he said. “We Muslims have the right to marry when we want or give out our daughters at any age we want. It is not your business and the law must respect our right to do so. Anything short of that is an infringement on our rights to do so. Please respect our sensibilities.”

Tuesday’s vote by the Senate, which failed to attain the required majority to amend the controversial clause, was influenced by Senator Ahmed Yerima, the former governor of Zamfara State, whose marriage to a 13-year-old Egyptian girl drew wide condemnation.

  • Stewie Carter

    Its not right,dis people are misquoting the quran,and contrdicting some law,they shouldn’t make dis happen


      The guy dey quote Una quran 2 support his point….nawa oh…

    • Mann

      bur can i ask if the quran really support that..tell us the truth

  • olowo k abbey

    Its not right,dis people are misquoting the quran,and contrdicting some law,they shouldn’t make dis happen

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    All dis sex starve pedophiles will alwz support dis useless act….hope dis z not a muslim supported culture…?

    • Mann

      I FEAR O

  • Mann

    shey na congji dey hold Dokubo???

  • Chiagoziem Tobi Akalonu

    Are they respecting the rights of their children, did they give birth to slaves or daughters, did they give birth for bonding or sustaning freindships? Abeg they shouldn’t be saying things selfishly, if they want us to respect their sensibilities, they should respect their childrens sensibilities too

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  • Bluezeski

    the world is evolving.. This is the era of the REAL EVOLUTION, as Nigeria supports pedophiles, Ameerica wil evolve from legalising gay marriages to ‘animarriage’ where people will MARRY THEIR CATS, DONKEYS, DOGS and CROCODILES!