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Anambra: Polling booths to be relocated from shrines and evil forests

Author(s): Nnamdi Ogwazu

July 12, 2013

The Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission, on Thursday, revealed that it had identified shrines and evil forests used as polling areas in past elections to perpetrate fraud.

The Acting Chairman of the commission, Sylvester Okonkwo, said that polling booths were discovered in such places at Nteje in the Oyi Local Government Area, Marine area of Onitsha North, and in Ogbaru Local Government Area.

He, however, assured the people that the polling booths would be relocated before the council polls.

“There is no way women and Christians will vote in shrines or evil forests,” he pointed out, urging traditional rulers to assist the commission to establish proper sites where elections would take place in their domain.

Ahead of the October 5 local government elections in the state, Okonkwo also lifted the ban on political campaigns and urged the aspirants and political parties to kick-off their campaigns openly and in accordance with the law.

  • Stewie Carter

    Lmao,dat kain vote,you no go fit do mago mago before Gods of amadhihoha would strike you instanta….abeg its better they are gonna change it


    1das have neva ceased 2 happen in naija, especially d eastern part of dis country…shrine n evil forest..
    Stil believing in evil powers @ dis present days..

  • Chiagoziem Tobi Akalonu

    Why were they put there in the first place?